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Excellent Tax & Accounting, Inc.

Great career with exceptional benefits.

Are you interested in joining a fun, vibrant work culture that puts people first? Do you have a degree or background in accounting? Are you motivated and eager to learn more about this exciting industry? Want to impact the community and work together as a team to solve client’s financial needs? If you agree to all the above, please consider applying for Excellent Tax and Accounting!

Working at a firm like Excellent Tax and Accounting lets me offer prospects so many different areas.

We have an array of accounting and administrative jobs available. Take a look at our current open positions!

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Our Values.

Excellent Tax and Accounting, Inc. we stand out from the competition. We believe in a team with the core values ​​of teamwork, integrity, solid professional ethics, healthy work-life balance, and tolerance.

At ETA, we are together. A culture defined by a group of people continues to achieve goals, and we want to make sure to remember how important it is to enjoy it continuously. We don’t take everything for granted, and we firmly believe that as long as we work together, we can achieve unlimited success. From top to bottom, we are a team and we believe that collaboration is the key factor that sets us apart.

ETA maintains strict ethics in our team members and the services we provide. We adopt a zero-tolerance policy for dishonest or unethical behavior of customers and employees, and we reserve the right to terminate the relationship with either party in the event of ethical issues. Our team members must share our respect for government compliance, candidness, and honesty with customers in all aspects.

At ETA, we maintain great importance to professional ethics. Our team members love their work and believe in the importance of their work. Even if we are not actively recruiting, we always pay attention to:

  • Work hard
  • Self-starter
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Detail-oriented

Despite our hard work, ETA knows how to have fun! Our team members regularly participate in employee lunches, team-building exercises, office skill-building seminars. Other community events and family picnics.

ETA welcomes everyone (regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic background) to apply and receive equal consideration. For our employees and customers, our office is a safe and tolerant environment.


Current openings.

Accounting And Administrative Positions.

Interested in joining our team? We have an array of accounting and administrative jobs available.
Take a look at our current open positions!

CPA, Accountant

ETA is currently searching for an enthusiastic and qualified accountant to join our team at the level of Senior Associate.


ETA is searching for an experienced Bookkeeper to join our exceptional team of professionals.


ETA is searching for an experienced Tax Advisor and Office Clerk to join our team of professionals.

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