IRS Wage Garnishment

You were 30 days overdue and perhaps overlooked or forgot about receiving an IRS Notice of Intent from Levy. It's Payday now. When you open the envelope, expecting a check, you discover that the IRS has embezzled most of your funds. There needs to be more money left over to cover the remaining bills, buy groceries, pay the rent, or pay for the automobile. This procedure will be followed for each check you receive until all the taxes owed are settled. 

You're in severe financial trouble right now. Your employer cannot pay you your money, no matter how much you beg. After a wage garnishment is filed with them, your employer is legally required to collect a significant portion of your paychecks.

We are frequently hired to arrange a payment plan to negotiate the termination of IRS wage garnishments. Any IRS wage garnishment is never more advantageous than our arranged payment plan. It lets you get paid in full without worrying about further wage garnishments.

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