IRS Levies

Levies have the power to cause severe financial harm. The IRS uses a levy to demand prompt payment from you. They say that despite our attempts to contact you, you have chosen to ignore us. You can have your wages and any other assets you may have seized through levies. They can take it if you own it. This covers paychecks, Social Security checks, cars, stocks, bonds, boats, and checking accounts!

Imagine discovering one morning that all of your bank accounts have been emptied. They'll take every last penny. They will keep collecting your money until you pay off your tax if this amount does not cover what is owed. They know that having your bank account levied may result in bounced checks, which will notify numerous individuals of your tax issues. They don't care, though! Their only goal is to get the unpaid taxes. 

Even worse than that is the wage levy (also known as garnishment). At that point, the IRS receives the majority of your paycheck; they don't leave you with enough money to cover your expenses, and they keep accepting the majority of your paycheck until the debt is settled. 

If that works, they will only stop at something to get what they want. Your possessions will be seized and put up for sale. This covers all your possessions, including your house, vehicle, boat, jewelry, motorcycle, insurance policies, retirement savings, and anything else worth.

We can frequently acquire those levies removed and assist you in leaving this awful circumstance. Our objective is to help you settle your debt with the IRS and resume your life financially sustainably.

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