IRS Liens

Federal tax liens have the power o truly ruin your life! The IRS places a lien on all your assets (particularly real estate) when unpaid taxes are unpaid. This allows the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to legally collect taxes from selling your assets, which is everything you own.

A lien may be placed against your business, spouse, or you. Your accounts receivable would be seized via a lien placed against your business. Everything you own right now is just a short step away from being the US government’s property.

In addition to appearing on your credit report, IRS liens frequently prevent you from opening a bank account or taking out a loan against any assets, such as your house. When the IRS arrives to seize your money, the banks want to avoid the additional effort. 

You cannot obtain a suitable car loan if you have a Federal Tax Lien on your record. Consider financing an already-priced car at an 18–22% interest rate. Real estate is not something you can purchase or sell. There is an infinite list.

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