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Many people may find preparing and filing their taxes each year to be a laborious task, but it can be even more daunting for business owners. Tax laws change every year, and nearly every tax situation is unique. Fortunately, Excellent Tax & Accounting can help you get the most out of your taxes and avoid potential problems.

We have experience in many different industries, including construction, real estate, and healthcare. Our tax preparation services combine perfectly with our tax planning and resolution services. If your business is in Downtown or across the country, we can deliver personalized tax preparation services and more. Call us today for a complimentary consultation!

The Advantage of Professional Tax Preparation Services

Excellent Tax & Accounting provides more than simple preparation and filing. Our service is comprehensive and designed to maximize your profits and reduce your liability. Our tax preparation services include the following essentials:

Thorough Review: Our team of tax professionals meticulously review your return to prevent errors from slipping through the cracks, and your return is double-checked using sophisticated software.

E-Filing: Filing electronically delivers your tax return to the IRS faster than any other method and often results in a much earlier arrival of your refund.

No Opportunities Overlooked: There are many credits and deductions available to business owners, and our team can help identify those that you qualify for to maximize your savings.

Excellent Tax & Accounting is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive tax services to ensure we reduce your liabilities while maximizing your returns. Our goal is to help you receive the money you are entitled to while limiting discrepancies and delays. Whether you own a corporate business, operate independently, or run a company as a partnership, we help you determine which documents you need while filling your forms efficiently and accurately.

Do All Businesses Have to File a Tax Return?

Yes. Whether it be a large corporation or a sole proprietorship, every venture must d file taxes. Some businesses are required to report taxable income to the IRS, both quarterly and annually. Our team is here to help you prepare all necessary documents and ensure they comply with IRS standards and regulations.

Essential Tax Forms for All Your Professional Needs

The tax forms you’ll need when filing your return depends on your venture’s structure. At Excellent Tax & Accounting, we’ll closely evaluate your claimed business entity to determine which forms are necessary to keep you organized, protected, and compliant.

Our team is experienced in preparing and filing all tax forms required for your small or mid-sized business. These can include:

  • Form 1040 or 1040-SR Schedule C – Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorships)
  • Form 1065 – Return of Partnership Income
  • Form 1120 – Income Tax Return for Corporation
  • Form 1120-S – Income Tax Return for S-Corporations
  • Form 4562 – Depreciation and Amortization
  • Form 8829 – Expenses for Business Use of Your Home

Additionally, we offer accessible and easily printable tax forms for nearly every need and tax situation. Whether you require the right documents to report travel, product, gift expenses, charitable contributions, or employee retirement plans, we’ve got you covered!

Taking Back Your Payroll Taxes

Payroll tax filings are complex with strict regulations that could mean an audit or hefty penalties if not reported correctly and on time. Not only can we help you file accurately, but we can also organize your business payroll taxes and show you how to take advantage of every savings opportunity.

We take time to evaluate and determine the tax rate withheld from employee paychecks as well as your business’ liability.

Organization for Better Tax Preparation

Our tax planning services can also help you make the most of effective tax preparation. We make sure to thoroughly organize all past tax forms and documents, keeping you organized for the future with advanced filing software.

We can show you how proactive strategies can benefit your business throughout the year. You’ll see how discovered deductions, reduced errors, organized filing, and effective planning can help increase your bottom line significantly come tax time.

We take time to evaluate and determine the tax rate withheld from employee paychecks as well as your business’ liability.

Helping Your Business Prepare for the Future

Our professional tax preparers can meet with you quarterly and annually to discuss upcoming responsibilities. We provide you with reliable tax projections, so you are never caught off guard. At Excellent Tax & Accounting, we keep you aware of your business’s financial health at every step, so you are fully prepared for each tax season.

Our team is here to provide you with practical, yet savvy tax planning tips designed to protect revenue. We can also explain how providing employee retirement accounts and purchasing updated equipment can change and benefit your tax obligations for the season. Planning for upcoming and future tax filings can help reduce your liabilities and allow your business to meet its financial goals.

Tax Preparation

Having the assistance of an experienced accounting firm can save you a lot of time, stress, and money by ensuring the job is done accurately and on time. Excellent Tax & Accounting provides expert tax preparation services to businesses across . Don’t leave your business taxes up to guesswork; contact us for a free phone consultation today.

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