Dealing with taxes has never been easier, we can help you with your personal or business taxes. We know that taxes are the annual event everyone struggles with. We also know that businesses, particularly small businesses, struggle with taxes even more because of all the issues that deal with proper classifications of write-offs, employer taxes, changes in tax reforms, tax benefits, and most importantly, payroll tax. The experienced accountants of Excellent Tax and Accounting can apply their skills to work for you, they can help you reduce your tax liability and get rid of your tax burden.

We provide quarterly and yearly tax preparation, year-round tax planning, and tax resolution services when problems arise. Don’t end up paying more than you owe or putting your personal or business at risk. We take a preemptive approach to protecting our clients from future tax audits.

Personal Taxes

Our tax professionals will take care of the annual headache of submitting your taxes. We can assist you in accurately filling out your taxes, whether you work for a corporation and have completed a W-2 form or operate as an independent contractor for several companies. Los Angeles is a city of self-employed people, from models to performers to caterers and construction laborers. Several Greater Los Angeles areas People are reporting income from “self-employment earnings, interest, and dividends” on 1099 forms. Some consumers seeking tax services in Los Angeles are misinformed, especially when gathering all of the information needed for their 1099. Even regular W-2 forms. However, it can be perplexing to the typical person. We’re here to clear up any misunderstandings and to help you with any tax matters.

Business Taxes

A tax error can cost a company a lot of money. That is why our firm is here to take care of your business taxes so you can focus on running your company. We’re not just any tax consultant in Los Angeles; we’re also helpful and trustworthy, with unparalleled tax experience in the industry. That is why small businesses have come to us in the hopes of having all of their tax information and documents set up correctly. When it comes to California Tax Services, the essential issue for small businesses is reducing taxes and avoiding or dealing with audits. As a result, we provide tax planning, tax problems, and tax audits to assist you in dealing with your business’s taxes.

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